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    How to Use The Clinic Top

    The first time you come to an SOS Medika Klinik to see a physician, we will ask you to complete the patient registration/history form, so that we may establish a patient file for you.

    Every time you visit the clinic facility, you should bring your insurance card, so we can more efficiently assist you.

    If you have a copy of your medical records from your previous doctor, we will gladly add these to your new SOS Medika Klinik file.

    We encourage you to call for an appointment prior to visiting our SOS Medika Klinik. Having an appointment will allow us to serve you better and can minimize your waiting time. Some of our Specialists practice only at certain times on certain days and hence it is necessary to make an appointment should you wish to see them.

    Clinic Facilities Top

    1. Pharmacy
    We operate an inhouse pharmacy and gurantees the authenticity of any drugs prescribed.

    2. Diagnostic Centre
    Our diagnostic centre offers:
    • Radiology:
      • Ultrasonography (USG) - to detect an abnormality in internal organs
      • X-Ray - to exclude any pathology of the lungs and heart

    • Electrocardiograms (ECG) - to assess possible coronary artery disease or other heart condition abnormalities while resting

    • Audiometry - to determine hearing status

    • Spirometry or lung function test - to determine lung capacity and to exclude any lung disease patterns

    3. Emergency Room 24 hr
    Our emergency room is equipped to assist you in any emergency cases for 24 hours/7 days a week. The Emergency Room is equipped with high standard medical equipment.

    4. Dedicated ambulance
    International SOS has 1 dedicated ambulances on stand by for our patients.

    5. Laboratory
    Our in-house Laboratory provides you with reliable results from well trained technicians and properly calibrated and maintained equipment.

    6. Full nursing care
    Our nursing teams provide you the highest standard of medical care.

    7. Japanese Help Desk
    Japanese speaking staff are ready to assist our Japanese clients.

    Clinic Services Top

    1. Medical Check Up
    We offer a range of Medical Check Ups and can recommend the appropriate check up for your needs. Medical Check Ups for drivers; household staff; children and job applicants are available.

    2. Vaccinations:
    A full range of adult and child vaccinations are kept at our SOS Medika Klinik Cipete.

    3. Training:
    Various First Aid Training, Medical and non-Medical Training courses are regularly held at our offices training centre.

    4. 24 hr doctor availability
    Our General Practitioners are ready to serve you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

    5. Home / Hotel visit
    Home / Hotel visits by SOS Medika Klinik doctors can be arranges when required.

    6. Medical Evacuations
    International SOS is able to facilitate the evacuation of patients that require emergency treatment to the nearest centre of medical excellence.

    7. Bali Clinic Plan:
    An outpatient treatment program is available in SOS Medika Klinik Bali. Please see Bali Clinic Plan for further information.

    8. Health Talks
    Register on our "Health Talk" list when you visit our clinic and we will notify you of any special events planned through the year.

    Frequently Asked Questions Top

    What is International SOS Membership?
    International SOS offers several different types of membership that provide medical assistance when you are working or living outside of your own home country.

    Medical Evacuation, Worldwide travel advice and advice on how to manage your Healthcare needs while in Indonesia are offered through our membership program. Access to the Expatriate Medical Advisor can also be given if you are an International SOS member.

    You do not need to be a member to visit one of National Doctors at our SOS Medika Klinik in Indonesia

    Do I have to be a member to come to the clinic?
    No, our clinics in Indonesia are open to the public.

    Can an Expatriate Doctor practice in Indonesia?
    No, by Indonesian Law Expatriate Doctors can only advise you on the most appropriate course of action for your medical condition.

    Does International SOS provide insurance services?
    No, we are not an insurance company, although one of our membership packages does cover the cost of an medical evacuations.

    Can I be covered for in-patient and out-patient services if I become an International SOS member?
    International SOS has a prepaid medical program (Clinic Plan) in Indonesia which covers out-patient services. We are not a hospital, so we do not have in-patient facilities. International SOS does not offer inpatient insurance cover, but can refer you to a range of providers.

    If I am a patient at an SOS Medika Klinik in Indonesia am I automatically an International SOS member?
    No. Membership of International SOS is not related to clinic access.

    The membership International SOS offers are related to medical, travel and security evacuation and assistance services. You need to be a member of International SOS if you would like us to assist you if an evacuation is required or you would like to have 2nd opinions from Expatriate Medical Advisors on medical advice you have received from National Doctors.

    How does International SOS work with my Insurance Company?
    International SOS has existing relationship with many insurance companies across the world.

    When a patient holding insurance requires medical assistance our International SOS team contacts the insurer, advises them of the case and patient condition and seeks the insurer's approval to assist the patient.

    International SOS has some "cashless" agreements in place at our Indonesian clinics that enables minor medical bills to be charged directly to the insurer.

    If you have any questions/inquires about the service, and other things relate to general health in SOS Medika Klinik Bali, please send email to

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